Saws are suitable for cutting AKG Gazbeton products with required accuracy and ease.
They are produced with diamond or steel blades.


Miters are hand tools developed for cutting AAC blocks correctly.


It is used for leveling off elevation differences between blocks which arise from bricking process.
Having bricked the first row on the wall, once it is dried,
smoothing must be performed with the plane before proceeding to the upper rows.

Mixing Tips

Mixing Tips are for easy stirring of AKG Gazbeton
glue without flocculation, and they must be
used on a low-speed driller.

Glue Trowels

Trowels are specially produced for ensuring that a sufficient
amount of glue is applied at once while bricking AAC walls.
Diş şekli ve boyutu, blok üzerine uygun miktarda
Shape and size of notches are specially designed to leave sufficient amount of glue on the block.
There are trowels with various widths according to the thickness of the wall.

Channel Notcher

It enables easy notching of channels required for the placement of pipes for electrical and mechanical installations on the walls bricked with AAC.
Channels can be prepared easily and without damaging the wall.

Junction Notcher

It enables easy notching of electrical junctions on the wall without any damage.
It must be used together with a driller.

Rubber Hammer

It is used for purposes such as placement,
 alignment of AAC blocks as well as their integration with the glue.
It has a special shape and weight.