Manufacturing in conformity with global standards

AKG Gazbeton is a brand which manufactures block products, reinforced products and supplementary products (MINEPOR, Lintel, light filler, autoclaved aerated concrete bricking glue and MINEPOR adhesive, etc) at globally-approved quality standards (TS EN-771-4, TSEK 119, TS EN 12602, TS EN 845-2, TSEK 118, TS EN 998-2 and TS EN 998-1 standards and CE certificate assurance), and which operates on a global scale. AKG Gazbeton implements TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in all of its enterprises.

In Conformity With Regional Standards And Regulations

Along with fundamental global and Turkish quality standards, AKG Gazbeton has certificates in conformity with the standards required and demanded by the laws and regulations of export countries, and carries out its activities with a manufacturing capability in line with such standards.

In conformity with the European Union Regulations

Construction Product Regulation (CPR-305-2011), which is required to be fully implemented by the European Union member states by July 1, 2013, has been issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey as a revision to the existing Construction Product By-Law.

AKG Gazbeton conforms to the arrangements realized within the framework of these regulation and by-law, prepares DOP (Document of Performance) for Gazbeton block products with EPDs and notifies relevant bodies and stakeholders of their conformity.

AKG Gazbeton, around the whole world!

As a leading manufacturer within its industry, AKG Gazbeton is preferred for prestigious projects in many countries around the world. It exports a broad range of high-quality products supplemented by both international quality documents and testing certificates to various regions around the world such as the Turkic Republics, Middle East, North Africa, North and South America, and mainly to Europe.