AKG Group

AKG Group was established by the Akgerman family in the early 2000s. AKG Group has displayed a rapid development with its aim to introduce change to the industries in which it operates, mainly the building materials industry, with innovative products and services and to develop dynamics within the industry to the advantage of consumer satisfaction. As a result of the dynamism it has provided to the industries in which it operates, AKG Group has increased its effectiveness and contributions to customer satisfaction since the day of its establishment.


Leading the industry with the broadest product ranges in Turkey, AKG Gazbeton performs manufacturing under three main product categories including block products, reinforced products and Minepor Insulating Board. AKG Gazbeton produces flat wall blocks, interlaced wall blocks, light filler blocks, U-blocks and insulating-board planks under the block product group and wall panels, roof and floor panels, lintels and jambs under reinforced product group. As a product, autoclaved aerated concrete is a non-combustible A1 class product and has high heat insulation property. In Izmir Enterprise of AKG Gazbeton, which became the first manufacturer of wall materials to obtain CE certificate in the early 2005, autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturing capacity is 524.880 m3/year whereas this figure is 567,000 m3/year in Kırıkkale Enterprise and 622.080 m3/year in Çorlu Enterprise. AKG Gazbeton has become the biggest autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturer in Turkey, with Çorlu Enterprise which commenced operations in late 2011. Exporting to more than twenty countries across the world, mainly the European Union countries, AKG Gazbeton has an annual total autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturing capacity of 1.713.960 m3, including other investments.


Being the first in Turkey in terms of quartz-based composite stone manufacturing, Çimstone has pursued its activities and maintained a planned growth since 1996 with its manufacturing facility and headquarters in Izmir, district offices in Istanbul and Ankara and a branch office in Northampton, UK, together with its solution partners across the country and in four big continents. It has also been assertive in the fitted kitchen and bathroom industry into which it stepped with an investment made in early 2005. Accomplishing many prestigious projects both in Turkey and around the world, Çimstone meets the growing expectations on all surfaces such as benches, floors, fronts with high-quality and diverse products. With corporate assurance, high-quality products and customer-oriented service approaches regarding counters and benches, Çimstone has created a new culture in the bathroom-kitchen industry. Çimstone, the hygienic nature of which has been approved with NSF and LGA certificates, and which is manufactured in conformity with Turkish standards, is a superior and prestigious product.


MORE Aquaculture carries out production activities in a farm certified by three aquaculture certificates and with a capacity of 3,350 tons/year, located by the Izmir coast of the Aegean, which is currently considered to be the most fertile water across Turkey. Having proved its environmentally-conscious approach with ISO 14001 and GLOBALGAP "Environment Management System" certificates, MORE records all phases of production, controls and ensures the traceability of the entire process from the fry to the harvest, utilizes environment-friendly extruder feeds produced with cutting-edge technology, and performs feeding through automatic seeding systems. With its modern fish-processing facility which was opened in Işıkkent in 2008 and which is most approved and certified by the European institutions, MORE Aquaculture achieved 50 percent growth in 2010 and carries out production with a capacity of 5,200 tons/year and with the most advanced technology available in the industry.


Çittur has been providing miscellaneous services within the tourism sector since 1989 and has become an icon of trust with its experience. It aims for constant development as the pioneer of innovation with its services within the sector, contributes to the promotion and economy of Turkey, mainly those of Izmir and the Aegean, and provides special tourism services for institutions with special organizations.