Flooring Panel

AKG Gazbeton Flooring Panels are CE and TSE-certified Reinforced Constructional Components produced in accordance with TS EN 12602 standards to be used at the interstage and walkable roof floorings of all load-bearing systems. They are ready for full capacity load bearing as soon as they are produced. They can be easily and rapidly assembled at their place by means of assembly apparatuses and crane. Thickness of AKG Gazbeton Flooring Panels is designed based on the loads they bear and openings passed through. The floorings formed by these panels can be coated with any kind of coating materials.

Material Durability ClassG4unit
Average Compressive Strength50kgf/cm2
Maximum Dry Density Interval600700kg/m3
Elasticity Module2250027500kgf/cm2
Thermal Conductivityλd*0.160.18W/mK
Static Calculation Self-Weight720840kg/m3
Safety Coefficient2.3
*גd : True thermal conductivity of the material measured under laboratory conditions.
*גh : Thermal conductivity calculation value according to TS 825 and DIN 4108.
In other durability classes, production can be performed upon request.
Standard Sizes
Length (l)≤600 cm
Width (b)(b)≤60 cm
Thickness (d)10-30 cm
Panel Thickness (cm)M.max t.cm/mFlooring Panel G4/06 - Static Calculation Self-Weight = 720 (Kgf/m3)
Nominal Load (Kgf/m2)
Clear Opening (m)
25.0277.7 5.835.695.575.465.355.
27.5282.4   5.855.755.705.605.505.405.
30.0343.0          5.845.755.67
  • Nominal Load: Nominal Load is the sum of all dead and live loads acting on the panel except its self-weight.
  • Flooring Panels are designed in consideration of fire safety, deflection control and safety coefficients specified in TS 453.