Industry-Specific Training and Meetings

AKG Gazbeton deems it a responsibility to share the new conditions arising from new developments in the building industry and its products developed through R&D and Innovation studies with professionals in the industry and organizes periodical vocational training meetings and seminars for this purpose.


In AKG Gazbeton Vocational Training Seminars, in which more than 500,000 people have participated so far, all individuals in the building industry receive appropriate training. Construction masons from various provinces of our country receive periodical training on unloading, piling, transferring of and practicing with AKG Gazbeton products in the building site.

These training sessions take place in Sincan, Ankara in cooperation with "TÜRKİYE YOL-İŞ / İNTES TRAINING SITE COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE - TES". Masons who successfully complete the program which consists of both theoretical and practical training are awarded a "Ministry of National Education Certificate". This certificate is recognized not only nationally, but also across Europe, and contributes to the professional development of masons as well.


AKG Gazbeton organizes panels and seminars addressing new developments in the industry for the opinion leaders of building industry. AKG has found the opportunity to introduce autoclaved aerated concrete to more than 250,000 people in industry-specific seminars it has organized throughout the past decade.